Sunday, September 12, 2010


Of course 9/11 is always gonna be a day a somber recognition. We KNOW we will NEVER forget. But yesterday, instead of sitting at home, watching the TV coverage of the commemoration ceremonies, we turned off the TV and went out into the world.

We went driving, and of course, noticed flags lowered. We got to the place where we were going to eat, and it was nice that all there was on the bigscreen above the counter was music videos.
We ate and enjoyed our meal, went walking around, looked at some antiques, even visited an adoption drive at the shelter located adjacent to the building. We petted puppies and kitties.  We cuddled them, we laughed. It was fun. And no one metioned what day it was.  We ventured to the grocery store afterward to pick up items for making beef stew for dinner. All the buzz was around the big games that were starting at 6, and everyone hurrying home with their snacks to watch. And no one mentioned what day it was.

We got home and I started to cook dinner and the games were turned on, we popped open a nice bottle of wine, and laughed and joked about whatever it was we were talking about, and the excitement of the game. And soon we all sat down with a bowl of homemade beef stew, and gave thanks, and enjoyed our night.

And no one mentioned what day it was.

It was so nice, not to have constant, in-your-face reminders on TV all day and night.  Or for people every single place you go to have to talk about it non stop. Forget? We will NEVER forget. We will always KNOW. We will always wear that scar. It was horrific and painful and I remember becoming physically ILL and overwhelmed at all that I saw on that day. And I knew that, on this day, every year after, we would mark the anniversary of that tragic day in our country's history. But I also knew that, in time, we would begin to heal. And the fact that my son and boyfriend and I were able to go through life on 9/11 this year and have a completely normal, happy day, was such a blessing. Because we know it was a gift, and how quickly that gift can be ripped away from us.

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