Sunday, September 5, 2010

The most dangerous trip to Buffalo Wild Wings..Ever.

So my boyfriend and I are rabid Alabama  Crimson Tide fans. Say what you will, team rivalry is fun and I welcome it. Unless that rivalry come with threats of real bodily harm. Now, that is just taking it too far. Let me explain..

I walked into our neighborhood Buffalo Wild Wings late Saturday afternoon to pick up our dinner order. We had decided to dine at home because our game was being shown on Pay-Per-View and we didn't want to fight the crowds at the restaurant. Little did I know that the crowds might want to fight ME just for having the fortitude to wear my CRIMSON TIDE t-shirt in public.

BWW was, at that moment, showing the Tennessee Volunteers football game on Pay-Per-View, and the whole place was awash in a sea of orange and white. Needless to say, I stuck out like a sore thumb..
As team rivalries go, I am used to this on game days, and thought nothing of it. Until I went into the ladies restroom whilst my order was being prepared, passing 2 female Tennessee fans. And then, just as I entered my bathroom stall, one of them said, "Bama bitch. We oughtta beat her ASS for wearing that shirt in here right now!"

Again I say, team rivalries are perfectly healthy and fun, full of school spirit and whatnot. But threatening to "Beat my ass" for wearing a Bama t-shirt? Really? First, I would have liked to see them TRY. They don't know me very well, do they?  But mostly, how utterly RIDONKULOUS.

(For those who don't know what "ridonkulous" means, it is about 10 levels above and beyond your ordinary "ridiculousness".)

I know that this sort of smack talk happens 8 days a week, especially during football season. And you might even expect this kind of talk from youngsters. But as adults, we know that, at the end of the day it is just a game.. Or we should know this, anyway.

Did I mention that these 2 female Tennessee fans we ELDERLY women, both of which looked not to be a day under the age of retirement?

I took care of my business, got my order and left BWW, unscathed. But how sad that is. How sad that some people can take something that should be FUN and twist it to that point. To say they were lacking class would have been an understatement.
More than this? They were lacking in TRUE "Team Spirit".... EPIC TEAM SPIRIT FAIL!

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