Wednesday, September 8, 2010

IS MY FACE GLOWING?? ..and other joys of pre-menopause

OK, WTF? So i woke up this morning and my face feels like it is GLOWING. Like fire. I have been shakey and jittery and nervous too. And my boobs ache. Did I mention my boobs being sore?

Before you say, 'Oh! I bet your preganant!" BET AGAIN. Im not. No way in hell. I had a hystorectomy at age 29 due to a vicious case of Endometriosis eating away at my rusty innerds.

I am 38 now, about to be 39 in two weeks. Is this possible? I've  been having really super weird dreams too. What is wrong with me?

Oh shit. Here it comes again. This time I am super nauseated. And I feel like I need to go take a shower.
And my face is breaking out. Like, teenage acne style. Somebody, diagnose me, dammit!

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