Monday, September 6, 2010

Right place, But it musta' been the wrong time..

File this one under "Right place, wrong time. Or maybe it WAS the right time."
In my town, it was reported on the early morning news one day that 3 large criminal males pulled up to a convienience store in a shiney new Hummer H3 SUV just after 1 am. A store employee was on her break, had just taken the trash to the dumpster, and was quote "Just standing by the gas pumps, smoking a cigarette" (((Needle on the record goes "EEEEEERRRRRRR!" And comes to a screeching halt)))

Errrr, M'Kay. We'll come back THAT little gem in a sec. Continuing.

So the attendant is outside, minding her business, just tokin' away, when these 3 big burley guys pull up in their Hummer, jump out, waving their shiny new guns, yelling obscenities, fully intent on robbing the place.

They instructed the store clerk to " get her A** in the store and give them the money"- to which she didn't bat an eyelash. She strolled on in, a smile upon her face. And she didn't appear afraid- not in the least! How did this "cool cucumber" keep on smiling, even in the face of danger?

This Lucky band of merry criminals pulled into and attempted to rob one of 5 area convenience stores that were the target of an undercover investigation into Underage drinking sales. At this particular store, on this particular night, and at this particular moment, there just happened to be no less than 13 undercover agents from local Police, Sherriff's Department, and the ATF were staking out the place. These idiot robbers walked straight into the Lion's den!

As for the Clerk who was just hanging out by the gas pumps, "smoking"...
1) any sane person knows this is NOT a good idea.
2)They put those stickers on the gas pump for a reason. READ THEM.
3)Even if the police hadn't been there, she could have defended herself by tossing her cigarette down at the pump and blowing them sky high!

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