Sunday, September 5, 2010

Random word to the wise for today: THE WALLS HAVE EARS!

Nosey-Ass people are EVERYWHERE. Make no mistake. No matter where you are, at work, on the internet, wherever, there is ALWAYS going to be some lame person who has nothing better to do than to listen to your private business and then BROADCAST it to everyone.

These are usually people who have no life, are attention whores, desperate to be noticed for 5 minutes while they bend your ears with the latest gossip. They want SO BADLY to "be" somebody, and if spreading news you would rather keep quiet is what  gets them the attention they crave, they will throw you under the bus and tell all of your business to the first person willing to listen to it.

Fair warning, keep your eyes peeled and your lips hushed. The walls have ears. Which are attatched to lips, that are attached to gums that FLAP every chance they get.

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